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Are you looking to tap into your innate creative abilities?

Do you want to reach a larger audience with your message or artistry?

Would you like to have a supportive community who encourages and critiques your craft?

Are you searching for tools to boost confidence and delivery?


Hello! My name is Kevin aka Phil Osophical. I’m an Independent Filmmaker, Flowetry Artist, and Community Organizer from “Peaceburgh, PA”. For the last few years, I’ve organized and performed at various events, which build community, inspire transformation, and catalyze creativity.


My friends and I biked across America 4 years ago, exploring Sustainable Living. We visited eco-villages, urban farms, and national parks to understand different perspectives on sustainability. This amazing experience drastically changed my life, and expanded my sense of what is possible.


I then became interested in Community Building, and finding ways to share ideas and resources at a local level. I connected with the Transition Town Movement, as well as Evolver. I co-created a variety of events like the “Peaceful Gathering of Hands” which brought like-minded people together for collaboration and learning. I soon realized that expressing our innate creativity is a crucial piece for making our Planet a better place.


I have facilitated Creativity Workshops and performed Paradigm Shifting Flowetry all over the country. From Burning Man to backyard jam sessions, I’ve learned a lot of tools and tips for activating true creativity. My passion is to help people like you transform the IDEAL into the REAL DEAL.


Conscious Creative Expression

Is a 4 week online Program providing tools, tips, and community support for expanding Creative Potential. The program begins Feb. 1st and includes 2 live, interactive Webinars per week. 


Utilizing cutting edge web-platforms for sharing information and inspiration, we will form a solid, supportive online community.


We are living in monumental times, and the world is calling us to share our creative talents now more than ever.

Each Week Includes

* An Interactive Webinar

* Mini-Group Google Hangout

* At Home Readings and Play-book Assignments

* Real World Challenges ( Example: Share your art/poetry etc. at a new venue )

* Bonus Video Content

* Private Facebook Group interactions

Module 1: Our Community Connection

  • Learning how Cutting Edge Creativity is driving the future of our planet

  • Where is the future taking us?

  • How can we find our place in the bigger picture?

  • How your input and creations play an important role


Module 2: The Keys to Creativity

  • Genius is within all of us

  • Experimenting with new mediums of expression

  • Environment is Everything

  • Fun games and practices for activating imagination


Module 3: Common Challenges

  • How do I stay inspired?

  • Where is my creative community?

  • How do I build confidence?

  • How do I grow my audience?

  • How do I make a living from my Creativity?

Module 4: From Vision to Action

  • Taking Action

  • Strategy for making an Impact

  • Resources for collaboration

  • Tools and tips for thriving

My Promise to You.

I am bringing forth my best gifts from my head, hands and heart into this Program. I am confident in CCE because it’s a product of my life’s work and passions. If you participate by contributing your creative passions and commit to sharing in the community experience, it will create transformative results in your life. The Conscious Creative Team and I are committed to facilitating and being of service in every way we can. When we step up our game together, we turn the Ideal into the Real Deal!




“I have personally experienced Kevin’s catalytic and deeply connecting way of working with people of all ages. He is a creative, knowledgeable, and grounded facilitator for bringing forth the best in us. Do yourself a favor and sign on for his program. You and the world will be better for it”.  - Victoria Hanchin (Psychotherapist, Author of The Seer and The Sayer: Revelations of the New Earth )

“Kevin May is an inspired activist who calls out the best in all he meets.  His work is not to rail against the problems of our times but, instead, to activate our souls by teaching us to believe in ourselves—in our power and goodness–and to trust in our worthiness and readiness to participate in the co-creation of a world of sanity and kindness and beauty.”    - Chris Uhl (Professor of Biology at Penn State, Author of Developing Ecological Consciousness ) 


“Kevin May aka Phil Osophical has found a way to weave his radical playfulness and gentle wisdom in a way that leaves anyone in his path feeling inspired and excited to be alive. He is dedicated to using this gift to connect hearts and minds from all over the world – building community and support networks so that we can all find the experiences and opportunities needed to keep growing. Personally, he has pushed me to simultaneously work harder and laugh more, for which I am extremely grateful. I would recommend working with him if you are looking for a truly unique and uplifting experience.” - Annie Derek (Herbalist, Singer/Songwriter, Hugger)

Join Us on this Creative Journey!

Full Access.


This includes FULL ACCESS to the program and all bonus materials, beginning Feb. 1st 2014

Deeper Involvement.

I have 10 spaces available for committed individuals who want to dive in deeper with me personally. I will include a 90 minute Creative Activation Coaching Session with you where we can go deep into your personal story, what you’re here to do, what’s holding you back, and what you can do to create from your fullest potential!



Do I have time for this?

The estimated time commitment is 30 min. a day or 3.5 hours per week. You will still gain a lot from the program if you have a busy schedule, though the more you put in, the more you will get out.

Is this right for me?

This course is designed for people who are beginners on the creative path, as well as established artists of all sorts. The tools and community support will enrich your life in many ways, regardless of age, status, or background.

Do I get to keep the content?

Yes! All of the content is designed for you to keep and refer to whenever you need some more creative inspiration or tools to overcome challenges.

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